Home Dwellers: Jessica Allen

Welcome to my Journal series, Home Dwellers. 

With this series I'll be taking you on a tour inside interesting and eclectic homes, as well as asking what inspires the creative people who live inside.



Let me introduce, Jessica Allen who is the creative gal behind the instagram account @thebudgetstylefile. In just over a year she has rapidly grown a following of almost 12k fashion-obsessed followers who love her budget-friendly sartorial finds and lifestyle tips. 

As well as showcasing her fave brands Jess has also been busily preparing herself and her home for the impending arrival of her first baby. She has kindly taken the time to answer a few of my questions and let us take a peek inside her compact inner-city Brisbane apartment. 



Can you tell me a little about yourself and what inspired you to start your instagram account The Budget Style File?:

The Budget Style File came about as I found myself wanting some sort of creative outlet in my spare time. I’ve always had a passion for finding affordable fashion and one day it dawned on me…why not start an Instagram page where I can share all my finds!

Here I am almost a year later and completely blown away by the support I have already gained from my followers. It's such a great community of people! 



Who lives in your apartment?:

Me and my husband Nick :) 

Describe your apartment and its style?: 

We live in a small apartment which is like tetris trying to fit everything in. But we’ve made it work - you could say we live a minimalist lifestyle because of this and we love it! We also love plants so there are many scattered around the apartment. 

How are you adapting or decorating your apartment for babies arrival?:

Having such a small apartment did make it difficult to fit a nursery. We have a small study room which we have now converted into the nursery. It just fits a cot, change table and really cool old vintage unit that we couldn’t bear to sell! 



What is your favourite spot in your apartment?:

Our favourite spot would have to be sitting on the lounge in the afternoon watching the sunset. We can also see a small section of the river and love watching the ferries go by.



How did you find adapting from an office environment to working from home during lockdown and the later stages of your pregnancy? Pros/cons?:

I ended up working from home at the end of February. I was extremely grateful my company allowed me to be safe at home throughout the pregnancy. 

Adapting to the change in terms of work wasn’t too difficult, it was the lack of face to face contact that really started to impact me towards the end. 



What are you most looking forward to about becoming a mum?

I have always been so excited to become a mum! Being able to care for a little human we have created, watching them grow and learn new things everyday - so so special!


Thank you so much Jess!

You can follow Jess @thebudgetstylefile here.

Click the video above to watch Jess showcasing some of the Home Dweller Wears Collection.

(Photos courtesy of Jessica Allen)


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