Little Girls Playful Bedroom Reveal

Behold the magical room of Miss Willow Betty Edwards – a very, very lucky little girl indeed.



This incredible French boulangerie / bed was dreamt up by my dear friend Bonnie Edwards and built by her equally talented dad Barry. 

As a baby, Willow was never a fan of cot sleeping, instead preferring the snuggly surrounds of her parent's bed. After 18 months of sleep deprivation Bonnie and her hubby knew it was time for Willow to transition to her own 'big girl's bed'. However, they knew that convincing their strong-willed little angel to make the change was not going to be easy, so it was time to get creative!

Bonnie's concept of a half bed, half play cafe was born and her father took the idea and went to town building a custom frame complete with cafe play area, inbuilt storage, gold service bell and... (get a load of this) its own integrated lighting system with switches!




While Barry got busy with the construction, Bonnie got busy with the styling... and can't you tell she had fun with that! As an avid vintage collector, Bonnie already had cupboards full of gorgeous props to play with but also sourced some new fun toys and furnishings to complete the look.


Girls bedroom    Girls bedroom


As you can imagine, Willow loves her new room. She serves a fantastic latte and almond croissant and best of all, sleeps soundly in her own room every night!

* ON SALE: The mini wall hanging and pom pom cushions featured in this room are now on sale!!! Click here to check them out.

Bedlinen / throw / cushions: H&M  Plush bread and croissants: Daiso Hanging plants: Kmart  Rattan bassinet: Facebook Marketplace  Pom Pom cushions / Fern Wall Hanging: Home Dweller  Timber / lights / bell: Bunnings

 Girls bedroom


Girls bedroom


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