Whenever I’m asked what I like to do in my spare time, my answer is always the same: “I like being at home.” I’m a self-confessed homebody … or should I say, Home Dweller. 

With a background in graphic design and a love of textiles, I started Home Dweller in 2018 to create and curate products that enhance the comforts of home.

It began with my struggle to find an easy and affordable way to hang art on my walls. To avoid the hassle and expense of traditional heavy framing, I launched a range of frame-free fabric wall hangings. Since then, I've expanded into complementary home and wall wares, including our best-selling Magnetic Print Hangers.

Home Dweller was also inspired by my family's creative influences. My grandmother and mother were avid sewers and cooks, and my father, a builder turned artist, filled my childhood with the hum of sewing machines, the smell of homemade pasta sauce, and the sight of hands at work. These influences helped shape Home Dweller's ethos that there's no place like home.


Home Dweller sources eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging and uses production processes that minimise environmental impact. We support sustainable and ethical supply chains, ensuring our manufacturers prioritise fair trade practices and fair wages for their artisans. By collaborating with them, we support their livelihoods, foster cross-cultural exchange, and celebrate the diversity of global craft traditions.

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