Whenever I’m asked what I like to do in my spare time, my answer is always the same: “I like being at home.” I’m a self-confessed homebody … or should I say, home dweller. 

With my background in graphic design and love of textiles, I started Home Dweller in 2018, a brand that offers unique, affordable, and high-quality wall decor and homewares, including our own range of popular Magnetic Print Hangers.

Home Dweller was also inspired by my family’s creative influences. I come from a family of maker's – my grandmother and mother were keen sewers and cooks, and my father was a builder and now an artist. As a child, I loved hearing the gentle hum of my grandmother’s sewing machine, the comforting smell of homemade pasta sauce on the stove and watching my dad as he designed and built with his hands.

With the launch of Home Dweller, these meaningful influences have combined to create a brand that truly embraces the ethos that there’s no place like home.

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