6 helpful ways to support local stores and artists in Australia

In Australia, as in many parts of the world, times are tough for small businesses and artists. The ongoing challenges, economic uncertainties have hit them hard. But there's good news – you can make a difference! 

While the major corporate stores will survive, it's the small, unique gift shops, cozy bookstores, charming cafes, and talented artists that could really use your support. I get that it's no simple task, especially with rising costs and everyone just trying to get by. However, if you can opt for local businesses instead of the big-name chains, you'll be contributing to your community and nurturing the vibrant, imaginative dreamers and doers that make this world interesting and fun. 

Here are some creative ways your can make a real difference to these stores and artists:

1. Shop local

While big brands have their place, consider the impact of your choices. When you choose to buy from a small local business, you're directly contributing to your community's growth. Small businesses offer that personal touch, one-of-a-kind goodies, and a whole lot of character that those huge chains can't match.

2. Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and neighbours about your favourite local stores and artists. Word-of-mouth recommendations can significantly impact a small business's success.

Mrs Sunshine Loves  /  Sunday Merchant  /  Heartfill

3. Spread the love on social media

Follow these businesses on Instagram and Facebook. It makes a huge difference if you like, share, and comment on their posts - this increases their online visibility. Your posts can totally inspire others to ditch the big guys and support our local gems instead!

4. Take 60 seconds to review

Leave positive reviews on their website or platforms like Google. Positive reviews can attract new customers to these businesses and act as a beacon for other folks on the lookout for genuine and quality products.

Emily Day Studio  /   Deb Chapman Art  /  Kwas Studio

5. Attend events and art workshops

Unleash your own creativity by attending art workshops and classes organised by local artists. This not only supports their livelihood but also nurtures your creative soul.
Creative workshop vouchers also make wonderful and unexpected gifts for your family and friends.
A selection of our stockists offering great workshops:

6. Buy gift cards

Purchase gift cards from these stores. It's a great way to provide support even if you're not buying something immediately. 

As you shop for gifts, homewares or seek out new art pieces to adorn your home, think about the ripple effect you can create. Let's stand together and support our local businesses and artists, ensuring that they continue to thrive. Every purchase, every workshop attended, and every share can make a real difference in nurturing the creative soul of Australia.

We greatly appreciate and value our wonderful stockists around Australia. You can find a full list of them right here.  Your support of these businesses and artists means the world.

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