Why Magnetic Print Hangers are the ultimate framing hack!

Are you tired of the traditional and sometimes frustrating method of framing your wall art? Magnetic print hangers are an excellent alternative. The hangers consist of four wooden bars that are embedded with strong magnets, which securely hold your artwork in place. Here are a few reasons why magnetic print hangers are worth considering for your next wall decor project:

1. Easy to Install

Magnetic print hangers are a cinch to use. Simply place your poster or print between the top and bottom bars of the hanger, and the magnets will hold it securely in place. The hangers are then hung on the wall using a hanging cord. Alternatively, you can take out the hanging cord and use the pre-drilled holes in the top back bar to screw into your wall. If you are renting or prefer not to add any holes or hooks to your wall you can attach the hanger to your wall using damage-free adhesive hooks and hanging strips like these.

2. Versatile

Magnetic print hangers are incredibly versatile and can be used to hang a variety of wall art, including prints, posters, photographs, kids art, greeting cards and even fabric like tea towels. The hangers are available in various sizes, so you can use them to display a single print or create a gallery wall. And if you ever want to change your decor, simply remove the print from the hanger and replace it with something new.




3. Cost-effective

Traditional framing can be expensive, especially if you're framing a large piece of art or a collection of prints. Magnetic print hangers are a cost-effective alternative that allows you to display your art without costing a fortune. They're also a great option if you want to change your wall decor frequently, as you can switch out prints without having to buy a new frame each time.

4. Sleek and Modern

Magnetic print hangers have a sleek and modern look that complements any decor style. Unlike traditional frames that can be bulky and overwhelming, magnetic print hangers are minimalistic and elegant. They allow your art to shine without distracting from the piece itself. The wooden bars of the hanger have a natural timber finish but you could also customise them by staining or painting to a colour of your choice. 





5. No Damage to Walls

One of the biggest advantages of magnetic print hangers is that you don’t have to leave a mark on your walls. The hangers are incredibly light and don’t require special screws drilled into studs to secure to your wall. You have the option to hang them using damage-free adhesive hooks and hanging strips like these. This means that you can change the position of your art without worrying about leaving any marks or holes in your walls and a great option if you’re renting. Also, great for people who get bored easily and are constantly changing their decor (ahem, like me!). If you don’t mind a very tiny wall hole, hanging your magnetic print hanger off a sewing pin or thumb tack will also work as they are so lightweight.

Magnetic print hangers are an excellent alternative to traditional framing. They're easy to install, versatile, cost-effective, sleek and modern, and don’t have to mark your walls. Whether you're looking to display a single print or create a gallery wall, magnetic print hangers are always a good idea!


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